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Miniature Sulk
posted May 18, 2005


Creators: Jeffrey Brown
Publishing Info: Top Shelf, 96 page, $8, 2005
Ordering Numbers: 189183066X (ISBN)

This tiny book is Jeffrey Brown in (mostly) comedic form. It's clear by now that Brown has a real gift for humor that wasn't apparent in his first major release, Clumsy. I think the funniest work in Miniature Sulk comes in showing Brown's bad behavior in all its suave cruelty, jokes that really stand out for their energy when placed next to more typical "I am a schmuck" ha-has. Those twin poles are big enough to build a career around, particularly as they seem to reflect the giddy/mopey extremes of life as it's lived by many young adults right now, rulers of personal, shoddy nation-states that can thrill or depress within the space of a single joke. Occasional side trips into a broad range of more observational moments work better when the filter is what one assumes is Brown's family. An overheard-discussion kind of tale called "To Wenatchee" feels more like an experiment in technique rather than a fully realized short story. But overall: lots of funny stuff. Buy it.