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posted May 16, 2005


Creators: Robert Goodin
Publishing Info: Robot Publishing Company, 32 pages, $3, 2005
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Robert Goodin is probably best known in comics circles as a primary mover behind the Robot mini-comics line and publishing group, the concern responsible for lovingly produced works from artists and animators largely unknown to the wider comics world. This new compendium of recent works shows off Goodin's artistic skill to solid effect. Goodin draws a lovely elephant, stellar bunnies and a convincing convenience store. His human figures he tends to distort for comic effect so they look sort of like really fit Fred Flintstones: giant heads, slightly stunted arms and legs, and strong features, with maybe one or two features given over to exaggeration. It's an interesting suite of choices, although none of the material in Apres-Shampooing gives the approach a vigorous workout, making it hard to decide if it's a versatile approach. The best of the various magazine and anthology contributions reprinted here is a former on-line piece called Moon Lake, interesting mostly for the way Goodin moves point of view in a number of various directions, confident that the reader will make the necessary connections. It would be nice to see Goodin offered a regular comic book where he could write for himself and work from others writers' scripts, but in this market I don't suppose that very likely.