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posted May 10, 2005

Creators: Liam, Lucy, Joe Tucker, Olie, Ant, Tania, Adam, Mooncat, Dave, Hywel, Huw, Dr. Larry Peeklass
Publishing Info: Black and White Cat Press (?), 1.5 pounds (UK), 32 pages.
Ordering Numbers:

If I had to guess, I would say that unlike many mini-comic anthologies some of the contributors to Tenge have little to no interest in comics. This gives Tenge a kind of weird legitimacy that a lot of more adept try-out comics might not be able to muster, if that makes any sense. It's almost like this really showed up from a specific neighborhood out there somewhere.

The best works in Tegne are "Kiwi Fruit Land," a one-page cartoon diagram by Adam charting the fruit's processing; Ant's cruder David Lasky-style telling of a lamp's life story called "A True Story"; and a few appealingly drawn one-page joke strips by Joe Tucker. I can't imagine working too hard to track this down – none of the work appeals on that level -- but as a local pick-up it's not a bad way to look at a lot of Brit small press cartoonists in one shot. I'd also be interested I reading more of Tucker's work in the future. There's reportedly a version out there with a fancier cover; the one I had was doe in a thick, muddy brown cardstock.