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Freedom Force #4
posted May 11, 2005


Creators: Eric Dieter, Tom Scioli, Tom McGraw, Charles Pritchett
Publishing Info: Image, 24 pages, $2.95, 2005
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Judging from the masthead and the advertisements on the back cover, this is an adaptation of a computer game of the same name. It's basically a really simplified comic done "old-school" style; dopey dialogue I'm sure is supposed to be charming and broad characterizations amid a large, sprawling conflict between the super team and giant robots. Maybe some aliens, too -- I began to lose interest. I do seem to recall some slightly suggestive sexual stuff, which having been raised on Don Heck's Scarlet Witch tearing up over that ruggedly dull Captain America, I found sort of jarring. The coloring by Tom McGraw popped off the page in an oddly affecting way, but really I can't find another distinguishing characteristic. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of the game and I can't testify as to how it might work well for those fans.

Does any other art form celebrate the past in this peculiar fashion? Is there a cable network out there doing 1970s sitcoms and 1950s kitchen sink dramas? In the end, if you like old-fashioned comics, you might as well buy one of the real thing rather than this odd pastiche.