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DirtBoy #1
posted May 13, 2005


Creators: George M. Dondero, Colin Adams
Publishing Info: Moronik Comics, 24 pages, $2.95, 2005
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I believe this comic book came with a DVD and some other extras that might more closely explain its central concept, but as I'm terrible at keeping anything around other than the comics I'm sent I apologize in advance. On its own, Dirtboy #1 features a child lost in the woods who meets another child. They bond over being "bad children" and cement their early friendship through the physical act of escaping from various animals that are pursuing them.

This is far from the most dense narrative comics readers are likely to discover this year. The artist Colin Adams mirrors this stripped down story with an approach to the art that frequently drops backgrounds to focus the actions on the characters. This is an accepted practice but is overused here, in addition, neither the characters nor their designs are all that interesting, so that when they're in the spotlight one wishes to pull the camera back and take in the sights. I assume we're headed into some sort of fable territory here, with the roles of children being exaggerated for story effect. That the comic doesn't move to wherever it's headed any more quickly than this slight first issue indicates there may not be all that much to see when we arrive.