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Meatcake #14
posted April 29, 2005

imageCreator: Dame Darcy
Publishing Info: Fantagraphics, 32 pages, $2.95, 2005
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The latest issue of the Dame's long-running and historically uneven comic book series is hilarious because every bad choice she makes works out to her benefit. She does a page of movie reviews and it's more funny than self-indulgent; she excerpts a future single pin-up per page project called "Gasoline" and the section features more interesting art than the last three issues combined; she draws two stories, one starring her usual band of characters and another featuring historical profiles that look like they were done 100 miles an hour but the choices made are solid ones and the stories flow really effortlessly. It's like a sitcom where the kooky girl comes through with a sparkling dinner party despite everyone thinking it's going to be a disaster. This just confirms my belief that Dame Darcy's work well read as an extension of 1980s and 1990s indy comics, where one would experience comics partly as a performance by a strong, creative personality instead of just the work as its presented to you. It shouldn't work, but for this issue, it really, really does.