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posted April 26, 2005


Creators: Rick Spears, Rob G
Publishing Info: AiT/Planet Lar, 96 pages, 12.95, 2005.
Ordering Numbers: 1932051325

I'm always hesitant to review mystery and crime work because 1) I don't have much of a background reading it and 2) that means it's difficult for me to tell whether people enjoy work because they have a lower standard when it comes to certain genre walk-throughs or because I simply don't get what they're reacting to. In addition, I'm pleased from a standpoint of market correction that publishers like Larry Young and Mimi Rosenheim are sticking to certain genres as a way of building awareness and creating a sizeable backlog.

That said, I think Filler -- which I believe may be a reprint volume of a book originally released a couple of years ago -- isn't executed with enough skill to allow for my recommendation, such as it is. The story of a low-level nobody who might usually be a background character in a more typical crime saga, Filler fails to use this unique entry point to say anything about the genre that strikes me as unique. The figure drawing at times left me confused; it was a struggle to place characters on visual cues alone. Also, the art sometimes lost a sense of movement within panels, which left some key sequences dead on the page. I'm also not convinced of the necessity of a third player, who provides the story's last moment. His appearance seems to suggest the lead is something other than filler, as he complains. At worst, the character seems convenient, just as the lead's ability to mistake from a wound those at the scene were convincd would kill him. So while it trots out an interesting idea of two, Filler lacks the seamless execution and/or outstanding visual or verbal qualities to make it worth the ride unless you really, really love this model and make of car.