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AG Super Erotic Anthology Comic #11
posted April 27, 2005


Creators: Mashumaro Jyuubaori, Tohru Nishimaki, Tanuki Kamogawa, Rego Yokai
Publishing Info: Icarus Publishing, 80 pages, $4.99, 2005
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I don't know much about how porn works in comics or how such work even survives in the marketplace given how many photos and films are available. I have to imagine it works like most porn works -- as a narrative tool that creates a fantasy one finds arousing, and as an object of arousal itself. If that's the case, then this anthology seems like it would service some pretty standard strains of fantasy. The stories feature a square meal of fetishes: big breasts, incest, hermaphrodites and rough sex. The stories are fairly utilitarian and feature the kind of art a dirty, manga-creating robot might draw. Without the great art or choice, obnoxious humor that makes some efforts of this kind a little more bearable, I can't recommend it to anyone who doesn't find this stuff super-hot; if you're one of those people, nothing I say is going to persuade you one way or the other.