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Mendeleyev Predicts! in Discover Magazine
posted January 27, 2009

imageCreator: Peter Bagge
Publishing Information: Discover Magazine, one-page, full-color, February 2009.
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I'm a total sucker for Peter Bagge's work. I think he's a great American humorist in addition to being one of comics' most reliably entertaining creators. Like artists, people who make people laugh for a living have to see the world they're going to bring to the audience before they can even think about communicating those ideas to them. One of Bagge's great strengths is that he not only sees funny, he sees it in a wide variety of personality types and outsized behaviors. In "Mendeleyev Predicts," the first of his new comics for generalist science magazine Discover, Bagge seizes on the control issues and massive ego borne by Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleyev. Bagge basically stays within a nine-panel grid, which might disappoint fans of the more outlandish expression of art he sometimes falls into (there's only one spaghetti-armed bellow fit), but the individual profiled, his goofy-looking assistant and the disinterested, seedy-looking society to which he initially speaks are as funny as Bagge gets. Finally, a comic worth stopping by the library to read.