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The Complete New Yorker (Not Comics)
posted January 15, 2009

imageCreators: Various
Publishing Information: The New Yorker, Nine DVDs and related booklets, $39.99, 2005
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Like many nerds, I remembered around the new year that there was once the possibility that JD Salinger was going to let "Hapworth 16, 1924" be put back into print. I didn't expect for this to happen -- and it didn't -- but the flash of memory shoved Salinger's last formally published piece of writing square into my brain. I had gone to the university library and read it as a student. I wasn't the only one; you may have, too. And while you can find it on the Internet, I wanted to read it with a semblance of the original typography and the cartoon and advertisements context it originally offered. So I dug up a brother's copy of The Complete New Yorker and printed out pages from one of the nine DVDs holding all 4109 issues of the publication. I then spent some time looking up cartoons. This made for a marvelous afternoon, and now that the price has fallen to below $40, I can't imagine anyone not wanting this thing for themselves unless they really hate looking at stuff on-screen. That has to be like 60,000 to 80,000 cartoons. I still don't fully believe in the morality of the archival loophole that lets something like this be published, but this is one of the most glorious results of wrongdoing ever.