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Mineshaft Magazine #23
posted January 12, 2009

imageCreators: Bruce Simon, Jay Lynch, R. Crumb, S. Crumb, Sarah Sveda, Frank Stack, Pat Moriarty, Aaron Lange, Harvey Pekar, Tara Seibel, Various Others
Publishing Information: Everett Rand and Gioia Palmieri, mini-comic, 48 pages, $6.95, 2008
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Another great issue of the increasingly necessary comics and forgotten culture magazine, focusing on the work of underground greats and those who follow in their tradition. The line-up here is kind of staggering, if you stop and think about it: the Jay Lynch cover alone is one of the prettiest single pieces of comics art I've seen all year. The belles of this particular ball are a bunch of sketchbook drawings from Sophie Crumb which gave me more enjoyment than any other piece I've seen her do, and a bunch of creature totem pole drawings by Pat Moriarty. My favorite single piece is by Sophie's father, who draws himself rocking on a porch listening to polka music on the radio in the late 1940s. What a joy this little magazine so frequently becomes, like it's the last 'zine covering comics and every single person of a certain age or sensibility comes around to visit.