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Magic Everywhere
posted January 11, 2009

imageCreator: Eliza Frye
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, eight pages, 2008, $2
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This is a bare whisper of a mini-comic, formatted for eight pages but with the last page devoted to white space and a line of text. Anyone attracted to the attractive cover stock and silkscreen imagery hoping for something on that same level inside will likely be disappointed, although that's the case with most covers and inside pages. As a calling card, something that might lead you to this site or this shop, the mini-fable about finding something extraordinary in a mundane setting really works. As a stand-alone mini-comic... I'm not so sure. The art seems more a suggestion of style than actual style at this point; if you were given a chance for this art or half the number of pages of this artist's work five years from now, you'd probably vote for the latter option. The central twist isn't strong enough to stand on its own without an exemplary display of craft to invest it with power, and the cartoonist isn't quite there yet.