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Last Cry For Help #3
posted December 31, 2003

Title: Last Cry for Help #3
Creators: David Heatley, Dave Kiersh, Dan Moynihan, Saelee Oh, Ron Rege Jr., Souther Salazar, Rachell Sumpter, Daria Tessler, Todd Webb
Publishing Info: Self-Published, 2003
Ordering Numbers: None

While the rest of the alternative comics community in attendance was out exploring the 4:00 AM shut-off times in Gotham City bars, several cartoonists decided to stay in for at least part of the evening and make new work. The third issue of Last Cry for Help was xeroxed on June 21, 2003, the weekend of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art festival, and it’s the usual free-for-all doozy. Contributing artists are listed as Saelee Oh, Souther Salazar, Dave Kiersh, Dan Moynihan, David Heatley, Ron Rege Jr., Todd Webb, Rachell Sumpter, and Daria Tessler. The stars are Kiersh and Salazar, but the vast majority of the book is drawn in very lovely fashion, sumptuous tableaux interspersed with delicately drawn gag strips, like the last-day-of-school project of the most precious homeroom class in the history of the world.

Most of the work dances along the line of disposable and keep-it-forever; if you close your eyes, it's to easy to imagine that all mini-comics should burst with at least this much energy. A quality anthology raises one’s estimation of artists involved, even those not particularly cherished before. This ends up being a pretty good anthology, although it's not the place you'd go for narrative and it's not the place you'd wish to visit for twice the number of pages.

Originally published in The Comics Journal