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Further Grickle
posted December 31, 2003

Creator: Graham Annable
Publishing Info: Alternative Comics, $14.95
Ordering Numbers: 1891867555

Further Grickle makes legitimate Annable's place as one of the most assured talents to debut on the comics stage in the last decade. Annable works in a very simplified, angular style, figures reduced to lines and boxes, with backgrounds for the most part dropped entirely. The art seems fully realized in that one cannot imagine Annable's stories looking much more accomplished than they do now in the style he has chosen. Rather than refinement of craft and line, Annable's growth has come in finding what can be achieved within the parameters set by his style’s special considerations. The best story in this volume, "By Necessity," adds a layer of emotional devastation to Annable's usual progression of hideous plot twists. This has an interesting effect, in that depth of feeling fails to increase or even provide a context for the sense of despair that comes from the mistimed events, and instead is more of the creme de la creme of terrible circumstances. It may be that Annable's stories take place in a world that’s so playfully generic, a kind of sideways fantastic, that it cannot hold a whole lot in the way of real-world poignancy. The rest of the book is filled with a lot of shorts ranging from the loopy (the fart-myths of "A Saturday Afternoon") to the squirmy ("walk-in"), and except for one or two that riff on unimaginative ideas, prove fairly rewarding.