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Arrows Bring Comfort
posted February 9, 2004

Creators: John Hankiewicz and Onsmith
Publishing Information: Self-Published
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In Arrows Bring Comfort, mini-comics stalwarts Hankiewicz and Onsmith offer up their version of what may, as more cartoonists of the post-alternative generation make babies, become a genre unto itself: the personalized alphabet primer. On the left hand side of each page is a word that starts with a letter of the alphabet, in sequence. On the right hand side is an accompanying picture. The cartoonists play it surprisingly straight. More than half of the pictures subvert expectations by bring something strange or surreal into play in the depiction of the object, and in a few at the beginning and the end arrows make their presence known, but the overall impression stops well short of weirdness. It's a nice little mini-comic if you’re really into mini-comics and these two artists, but when you stack it up against something like the letters brought to colorful life by the painter Tony Fitzpatrick from suggestions by his children in Max and Gaby's Alphabet, then you realize the extent to which Arrows Bring Comfort is lacking when it comes to concept and execution.