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Spawn #147
posted July 12, 2005


Creators: Todd McFarlane, Brian Holguin, Angel Medina, Danny Miki, Victor Olazaba, Allen Martinez, Crime Lab Studios, Tom Orzechowski, Brian Haberlin, Greg Capullo
Publishing Information: Todd McFarlane Productions through Image, 28 pages, $2.50
Ordering Numbers:

Look at that creator list! I'm pretty sure there were fewer people at the first meeting of the League of Nations.

Anyway, I read on one of the mainstream comics-focused sites that Spawn is due for an overhaul to reflect creator Todd McFarlane's latest creative leanings (atmospherics and j-horror?); one imagines from reading a recent issue that the title could be up for some body work simply because the work itself is so obviously tired. There's some unintentional humor, then, in that lead character Al Simmons seems to be wandering aimlessly, just like his comic. He wakes up in the custody of a tight-knit family out in the snowy woods. When we see the character in costumes and throwing his chains around a few pages later, it's pretty obvious that the mystical wolf-creatures he's fighting have some sort of connection to the family. I sort of like that the point isn't worked over to death. There's something sort of sweet and nostalgic about reading a comic like this, when the typical reader were likely in the third year of a four-year infatuation with comics instead of the 20th year of a lifelong marriage. The thrills are parceled out in a way that reminds me of eating TV dinners as a kid. You know what every portion represents. There's the cool costume, some violence, a few threats, a boast or two, a not-too-complicated twist... no one's musculature makes sense, and they all live in a comic book world. It's funny that something like Spawn, which once seemed so crude and wild and sloppy, a repugnant new thing, now reads like a nostalgic walk down comic-book standards memory lane. But I suppose things move that quickly now. Wave goodbye.