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Hollywood Eclectern #51
posted March 11, 2010


Creator: Ed Buchman
Publishing Information: Self-Published, stapled 8.5 X 11 zine, 8 pages, February 2010, Free
Ordering Numbers: PO Box 4215 Fullerton California 92834

I always enjoy receiving Ed Buchman's Hollywood Eclectern newsletter, as much for content that would otherwise be hard for me to pry from the Internet and various print news sources as for the tactile pleasures of its old-school mimeograph-era approach. If nothing else, I can't imagine too many other publications for which I'd suffer through the removal of this many staples before I was able to read it! This issue -- an astonishing 51st -- runs an obituary for the late Irv Tripp, feature some art samples from various publications of interest including Tripp's early-'90s contribution to an older issue of HE, and publishes a hand-written letter from a fan and a smattering of lists in back that may provide assistance to those who wrote them and lets the rest of us take a peek at the state of one corner of the market. There's a fragility about the entire exercise I treasure, and since the publication is cognizant of similar activity on the Internet I'd have to guess there's something in the structure or form that communicates that quality. Whatever it is, it feels more like being on someone's phone tree than in a publication's shared readership, a trickle of scholarship from a way of doing things now past. Plus I always learn something. Not bad for free.