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Mermin #1-2
posted June 7, 2010


Creator: Joey Weiser
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comics, 40 pages/20 pages, 2010, $4/$2
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imageThis is a super, super slight kids story about a sentient being from an undersea world finding sanctuary in the home of a small boy he meets on the beach. There are typical situation-driven shenanigans involved as the undersea creature tries to mix in with the kids at school: he overplays some sports, and ruins the pool in unique fashion. It's all sturdy payoff after sturdy payoff. Weiser draws the crap out of some of the pages, filling them with detail in a way that makes them fun to stare at and keeps the pacing from slipping into overdrive. However, the story thus far is traditional to the point of approaching banality. That might not matter to an audience of young people for whom the routine nature of such a narrative may seem new and mysterious, but it makes it a hard slog for any adult that might want to follow along. It's perfectly pleasant, though; I can't imagine too many people hating it outright or failing to recognize the skills applied in its execution.