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Ghost Attack Fall 2009
posted June 8, 2010


Creator: Zack Soto
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 24 pages, 2009
Ordering Numbers: Store Here

imageI assume this is something of a convention book for the cartoonist Zack Soto, the kind of thing you make so you have something to present, trade and sell at a comics show or festival at which you'll be in attendance. It's a pretty stellar version of that kind of thing: the cover is nice-looking, there are pieces of art between the covers that make you stop and stare, there are not one but two complete comics stories. The stories fail to offer easy access into their deeper meanings. I'll take it from a comment made by Soto in some of the accompanying written material that the alien terrorizing a young man in the first story is a depiction of the grinding fear that stumbling through art school may cause. The second story seems mostly about a specific relationship, with enough left to the imagination for any reader to imprint their own, idiosyncratic experience. I have to admit, I kind of liked the whole thing. It made me wish the industry would support regular comics from Soto for a while so that we could better see the full extent of his talent.