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Digested #3
posted June 10, 2010


Creator: Bobby.N
Publishing Information: Gestalt Publishing, comic book, 24 pages, May 2010
Ordering Numbers: 9780980782318 (ISBN13)

imageI enjoy the model that Gestalt and Bobby.N are promoting here more than I do this particular issue. A recurring feature, shorts, and then some prose material, all in a nicely-designed package conforming to the size at which the artist wants to do pages? Sign me up. It's the kind of thing I could get behind from a long list of younger -- or unknown to me -- cartoonists. This issue is more or less a soft one. The continuation of main feature progresses slowly, a short feature about a girl blowing snot out of her nose is funny but forgettable, and the first part of a short story about fighting with one's boss over what constitutes proper hours manages to maintain visual interest throughout but the argument's predictable on both sides. Mostly it seems like there weren't all that many pages of comics, to the point that when one shifts to the text material it feels like you're getting that stuff instead of more comics rather than in addition to more comics. It also may be my imagination, but the cartoonist's work looks more like Dave Cooper's than ever, to a distracting degree. It's all touch and feel; the whole thing could be sharper, better, more uniquely realized. So the series remains one to keep an eye on -- easier to do when the number of such series can be counted on one hand -- but I can't recommend it on the strength of the cartooning in this issue alone. I think there's promise here, and I'm not through waiting for it to reveal itself.