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Not Comics: Devil Girl Hot Kisses Hot Cinnamon Candy
posted August 22, 2005


Creators: R. Crumb, Primrose Candy and "Equipment Used to Process Peanuts"
Publishing Information: 1.25 Ounces, Cheesy Products, LLC (448 W. Washington Ave Madison, WI 53703)
Ordering Numbers:

I think this is a re-release of a 1999 limited edition offering of candy in a R. Crumb-designed tin, although I don't really know how long the re-release has been going on. I swear I've seen these in comics shops between 1999 and 2005.

Anyway, it's hot candy, but not that hot. My younger brother, who drinks Pico de Gallo straight from the tub like Rocky Balboa preparing for a morning run, was distinctly unimpressed when it came to the alleged hotness of the candy. I was able to eat one without difficulty, and I throw myself to the ground and start sweating whenever I pass by the chiles guy at the farmer's market. We even fed them to the dogs, who seemed to have no problem with them at all. They were reasonably sweet little candies, though.

The only reason to have these as opposed to another candy that might be hotter or might taste better is the tin, which is really cute with the Crumb art and everything. I'm putting spare nickels in mine, and it should hold about sixty. I can imagine something like this selling okay next to registers in comics shops, but that's such valuable space I'm not sure a lot of shops would go for it.