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Peter’s Muscle
posted August 11, 2010


Creator: Michael DeForge
Publishing Information: Self-Published, mini-comic, 12 pages, 2010
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imageThis is a short mini-comic featuring two stories with impressive pedigrees -- at least in terms of iconography employed. In the first story, DeForge picks apart the more psychologically disturbing side of the Spider-Man as boy becoming man set of ideas with a forgotten but poignant tool: the long-lingering subplot where Dr. Octopus romances Peter's Aunt May. It's taken to its logical, sexual and violent conclusion, and you end up laughing with the detail work more than any surprises or shocks DeForge has to share along the way. A second story uses the freakish character designs Bill Amend employs in Fox Trot to fine effect in an otherwise forgettable story of the Jim Woodring knock-off school -- in fact, the other figures look almost exactly like those James Sturm made when he was doing comics in reaction to Woodring's impressive body of work. There's not to much to say about this comic, either. I do like that there's no overt dithering in either piece. Each story arrives at its point fairly quickly, without a lot of fuss. The restriction allows you to notice the art is rather fun, and there's nothing wrong with hearing these messages about these characters even when it's been fairly apparent all along.