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Hero Camp #4
posted August 30, 2005


Creators: Greg Thompson, Robbi Rodriguez, Russ Lowery
Publishing Information: Image Comics, August 2005, 28 pages, $2.99
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This is one of two comic books that Image is publishing right now featuring non-powered children of superheroes being put into a kids superhero institution where they fend for themselves remarkably well -- I smell a trend. Comparison with Grounded, the other title, mostly favor the latter. Both have artists that will remind some comics reader of more successful illstrators; in the case of Rodriguez, a lof of the design and figure work should make many think of Mike Allred.

Still, it's the writing really fails to bring the goods. The concept doesn't make a whole lot of sense once it's unpacked. I guess it would be funny if all of these kids were at summer camp to free up the adults for various crossovers, but it seems like they're just at camp the way they might be at any school. The story in issue #4, where a giant simian of some sort stomps onto the grounds during parents' weekend, has an air of inevitability about it. No one is surprised when our non-powered protagonist is set on a course to confront the person controlling the beat, an assignment he can handle. Nothing about the title is particularly well-executed; although the comic remains as genial as Mr. Rogers throughout, none of the jokes are all that funny. Worse, I can't remember any of the characters five minutes since putting it down except for some large goofball villain with a hook for a hand and a kid supposedly raised by horse, which is a joke told not shown. Overall, the book's so slight that it underlines its potential as a signal for attention as a film or TV show even further than one would think possible. Maybe young kids would like it, but it's feels like a waste of time for adults.