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Batman: Trapped In The Closet 1-5
posted November 10, 2005


Creators: K. Thor Jensen
Publishing Information: Self-Published Full-Color Mini-Comic, $2,
Ordering Numbers:

It used to be you turned old when you got married and had kids; now you turn old when you no longer recognize music videos or cast members on Saturday Night Live. K. Thor Jensen is a funny guy and wildly productive though little-seen cartoonist who in this full-color mini-comic marches the cast of Batman -- Batman, Robin, Joker, Two-Face, Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman -- through a very popular long-form music video by Season One Dave Chappelle speedbag and frequent dater of the shoujo manga demographic R. Kelly. It's quite amusing to watch the cast shuffle through this portentous nonsense, and probably much, much funnier if you know the source material.

One thing that strikes me about this comic that I don't see a whole lot of anymore is middle-finger-raised usage of corporate characters like Jensen uses here. There seem to be more movie directors willing to play around with these characters through goofy trailers for movies that don't exist than comics fan willing to draw their own Wolverine comics. Or at least ones I'm seeing -- there may be a billion I'm not. I'm not sure why anyone would spend time away from their own stuff to do their own Buddy Bradley story, but I'm surprised there aren't more cover bands out there.

Anyway, this was cute, crude and highly amusing. Mr. Jensen has a store on his site if you're in a buying mood.