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posted November 11, 2005


Creators: Joe Sayers, Dan Moynihan, Andrew Farago, Geoff Vasile, David Enos, Jared Katz, Nathan Stapley, John Isaacson, Jesse Reklaw, Joe Sayers
Publishing Information: Turk Street Projects, mini-comic, 36 pages, $4, distributed by Global Hobo
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This is a slightly longer than usual standard half-page themed mini-comic with cardstock cover, probably created for the sake of having something at one of the bigger conventions, perhaps the Alternative Press Expo (San Francisco) or the Small Press Expo (Bethesda). It's all pretty good material, too, nothing to make you want to throw the booklet across the room or write letters on fancy stationery begging someone to quit making comics. Whether or not it's worth $4 is a personal decision that will no doubt hinge on how much you value the book's strongest material and newer voices in general.

The three best strips to my were by Nathan Stapley, Jesse Reklaw and Geoff Vasile. Stapley's is a two-page gag peice that's ending is inevitable from the title but the reader like won't care because of the joke's told funny. Jesse Reklaw's comic proves the most ambitious in the comic by a wide margin. A cut-up page is used to nice effect but probably makes for half the book's cost. Reklaw's efforts is also the most handsomely drawn in general. My favorite piece in "Rhythm" is Geoff Vasile's exploration into the lives of Jimi Hendrix sidemen Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, "Jimi's Rhythm Section," where Mitchell and Redding are jealous everymen who seek the murder of their doofus boss. A scene where Redding is looking into the audience at a female fan and gets himself set on fire by Hendrix's goings-on, only to be yelled at later on for not being focused, is pretty much what you can expect. It's funny because it's five percent true, or at least familiar. All in all, not bad.