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Sugar And Spike #95
posted November 28, 2011

imageCreator: Sheldon Mayer
Publishing Information: DC Comics, comic book, 32 pages, 1971, 15 cents
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Two things stick out to me about this late-in-the-run issue of Sheldon Mayer's kids classic Sugar And Spike. The first is that some of the gags may be too obtuse for the kids of right now to fully understand. Take that cover joke. Would that really communicate to a kid right away? We're not only square on the other side of the snowboard revolution, but as a culture we're at a vast distance when a splitting around a tree gag was a commonplace one in cartoons and comics panels. The second thing that leaps out at me is that the first story depends on a gullibility about television that I honestly don't know still exists some 50-plus years past the boob tube's rise to cultural ubiquity.

Now, both of those things being said, Mayer's cartooning remains buoyant and a pleasure to take in, even at this late date in the feature's run. The kids' affection for one another is cute and charming as well as being a comfort when compared to the sitcom-style sniping that you see in a lot of material, even the stuff aimed at kids, today. If you have a young person in your life that gets scared by superhero comics, or has their feelings slightly bruised by random insults substituted for banter, this is the kind of gentle presentation that may be more amenable to their nerves. And who doesn't like activity pages? Reading an issue of a comic book stuffed with as much material as this one manages to get in there makes you wonder how the smaller, more content-light pamphlet of today has survived at any price over $1.00.