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Baby Blues #8: One More and We’re Outnumbered!
posted December 19, 2005

Creators: Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott
Publishing Information: Andrews McMeel, $9.95.
Ordering Numbers: 0836226925

Another "scrapbook" (it's a standard collection) from the widely syndicated strip detailing the lives of Darryl and Wanda and their children, Zoe and Ham. They may have a last name (Blue?), but to be perfectly honest, I had to look up the names of the characters before writing the previous sentence. To me and my scanning of this strip in the newspaper, they're "husband," "wife," "older kid," and "younger kid."

Not really caring about the names of the characters pretty much sums up my take on Baby Blues. It's not the worst comic strip, (for instance, I like the design of the ugly second child), but it's pretty much a poster-child for narrow niche-marketed strips. We live in the age of refrigerator-magnet engagement with the comics page, and this one is probably clipped and sent to young parents everywhere.

This issue contains strips from late last year/early this year, I believe (there's no indicia to confirm or deny this). The most entertaining run comes from an extended plot line concerning the mothers of the adult leads visiting concurrently to help with the newest child. Still, none of the jokes stayed with me beyond this faint, intra-contextual impression. Baby Blues will probably be with us a long time, plodding along with its genial, mainstream-friendly, never-that-funny humor and then fade away.

This review was written in the late 1990s as part of a then-ongoing freelance gig; I apologize if it reads oddly or seems incomplete.