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Chop Suey #2
posted December 21, 2005

Creators: Kevin Scalzo
Publishing Information: Self-Published, $2.
Ordering Numbers:

Hate contributor Kevin Scalzo flies solo with the second issue of the mini-comic named after his most popular character, done for the recent 'zine festival in his hometown of Seattle, Washington. Like Scalzo's work in Hate, the full-length Chop Suey is entertaining without being particularly mind-blowing. He sacrifices formal play for longer narratives in the best story, the lead "It's Party Time," a well-observed yarn of aimless outdoor/indoor house parties and the rituals for getting ready before and winding down after them. The back-up story, "I Love My Clam," is weird and unsettling without quite pulling off the giddy tone I think he's going for. Still, Scalzo is one of the few young artists working full-bore on character-based humor comics, and God bless him for it.

This review was originally published at TCJ On-Line sometime in 1997.