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Fang: Testament #4
posted December 27, 2005

Creator: Kevin J. Taylor
Publishing Information: Sirius Entertainment, $2.50
Ordering Numbers:

Well, I came in on the wrong issue with this one. Most of Fang #4 consists of a long standoff between future-civilization magic-people sister and brother. The brother's the bad guy, and tries to trick the sister into thinking he can lift her magic sword so he can -- well, it's implied anyway -- have sex with her. It doesn't work, brother gets sore, demons show up, brother is defeated (although he vows this is only the beginning), and there's a long final act in which one of the character disappears (the mom?) and the other (the daughter) vows to find, thus establishing the premise for another series.


Um… well, I can't exactly say I enjoyed this. It's a pretty crude fantasy-future tale, pretty crudely told. Taylor as an artist has a bit of a flair for doing those sort of slicky figure-drawing things that sell a lot of copies, but most of it looks like PG-13 Corben without the craft chops.