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Baby Blues: The Super-Absorbent Biodegradable Family-Size Baby Blues
posted December 20, 2005

Creators: Rick Kirkman, Jerry Scott
Publishing Information: Andrew McMeel, $12.95
Ordering Numbers: 0836236572

What is it with Baby Blues collections these days? I just reviewed another one of these two weeks ago. That edition, however, was a completists' strip run taken from a certain period in the comic's syndication, while S-ABF-SBB is one of those one-size-fits-all collections that groups "best of" cartoons by theme.

Another difference is color. A large number of Sundays find their way into S-ABF-SBB; unfortunately their use of color isn't significant in any way. Color Baby Blues are just like the black and whites, but with color. There's some attempt at what looks like computer-style shading, but for the most part there's nothing impressive in the color at all.

Some of the strips are annotated. Appropriately for an easy-to-please strips like this one, they detail the artists expectation of "audience reaction" or actual reader response. The strange thing is that it's done so rarely and not with any kind of logic, the way that the Calvin and Hobbes 10-year collection really did a lot of this (granted Calvin and Hobbes is a vastly superior strip).

Another undistinguished comics product.