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posted January 5, 2006

Creators: John Roberson
Publishing Information: Bottomless Studio
Ordering Numbers:

I didn't really understand this -- it's a multi-page sequence of a woman sexually and emotionally torturing some guy who either does or doesn't deserve it. I get the sense that Roberson may be trying to explore some deep, great truths about the unpleasant part of male/female relationships. If that's it, I didn't find anything truthful about it. If this is supposed to just be funny or entertaining, I didn't find anything to laugh at. Mostly it's just unpleasant and boring, with dialogue that reads like sloganeering and art that makes it hard to tell what's going on from panel to panel. The back-up story was written by someone named Sung Koo (perhaps the former Halley's Comix owner?), if that's of interest to anyone.

This review was written in the late 1990s as part of a then-ongoing freelance gig; I apologize if it reads oddly or seems incomplete.