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Crime World #3
posted June 25, 2012

imageCreator: David King
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic, 24 pages, 2012, $1.50
Ordering Numbers: Available Here

This is a comic by the very talented cartoonist David King working out of the traditional mini-comics mode of work that's quicker, more tossed-off and maybe more casual generally than the published work for which the creator is best known. In King's case that means a rigid six-panel grid (there are a couple of breaks, but not in the heart of teh main narrative) and a kind of whipped-out figure drawing that almost looks like rumpled clothing and ratty wigs placed on stick figures. It's graphically accomplished, though; the work holds weight and the page designs have a solid logic to them. Rather than spiraling out of control in the way some more self-indulgent, sketchier work achieves, Crime World almost calls attention to King's straitlaced adherence to structure. It's sort of like watching someone do physical improvisation in a suit and shirt-sleeves.

The work's funny throughout. The basic set-up of a world careening into lawlessness in a way that exaggerates every person's worst behavior -- the cops are more violent, the rich feel more entitled, criminals openly stab people in the street -- works as both a comedic underpinning and as an expression of paranoia about the near future. If you've ever watched a community crumble in the face of a natural disaster and known in your heart you'd be in that first group hanging out in a public building having left to the wind everything you own, this comic should match your pessimism in a forthright manner. King's ability with a one-liner depends very little on the seriously distressing conceit all on its own. "Eat shit, bike pussy" should be every cop's response to a bicycle owner with their primary mode of transportation crushed underneath their auto's wheels. If you like King, or if you like this mode of presentation, I'd snap this one up next time you're at a show or order directly from Sparkplug.