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posted February 12, 2013

imageCreators: Iain Laurie, Lan Formatique
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic, eight pages and CD, 2012 I think
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I can't speak to the music part of this music/comics effort, but I liked the comics just fine. It's basically a bunch of grotesques; two stories of page after page of misshapen bodies, overwrought musculature and blood spattering. Hey, what's not to like? I don't think any of this work is transcendent, but there's an energy to the individual drawings that shouldn't be discounted or dismissed -- I would read a lengthy comic narrative's worth of this art style, that's for sure.

The first story is the better of the two. "My Father Was A Boxer You See" can be taken a number of different ways, such as a straight-up, nonsensical gross-out or some sort of commentary of violence, but I have a hard time seeing it without thinking of violence in terms of memory loss. The title seems poignant to me not just because it's a memory, but it establishes both some sort historical inevitability to what we see unfold.That's not bad for that few number of pages; it helps that the look of it is arresting.