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Mudman #3
posted February 19, 2013

imageCreators: Paul Grist, Bill Crabtree
Publishing Information: Image Comics, comic book, 32 pages, April 2012
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I'm told this series from longtime Kane/Jack Staff cartoonist Paul Grist is something of a hit, which makes a certain amount of sense coming from two directions. The first is that while Grist is a sublimely enjoyable cartoonist to read in this action-adventure mode, Mud Man's simpler take on the genre divests his comics of the complicated layering that distinguished his other superhero material. Second is that Mud Man works an area of confluence with the successful series Invincible in that it finds room in an older comics sensibility, as opposed to copying that work's genre twisting. In other words, it show the strength of the basic model of the Marvel advancement on superheroes: straight-forward stories set in a recognizably "real" world. This issue features incremental movement on the overall storyline and a key player being roped in on our hero's secret. It's very sweet, in a way, and the Englishness of its setting gives it enough of a remove for most North American readers so as not to pick away at the setting's details.