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Seven Prophecy Bunnies
posted February 1, 2006


Creator: Billy Mavreas
Publishing Information: Second limited run of 40, created for TCAF/Expozine, 8 pages, 2005
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This is an old-fashioned art book, a quarter-sized page mini-comics that exists to showcase a bunch of pieces of stand-alone art one right after the other. In this case, it's Greek-Canadian cartoonist Bily Mavreas with a run of bunnies drawn in slightly different styles, to cascading effect. Connecting all of them is a sense of fertility, of rot, represented by out of countrol linework working madely within the broader ink strokes of the figures depicted. Comics fans might be reminded of Henriette Valium or Jeff (now Jessica) Johnson, but the bold block print quality of about half the pictures really stands out as much different than both of those artists would produce. Mavreas' figures are also cute, oblvious to their condition or slightly dismayed. It's a nice little read, worth picking up if you hit one of the Canadian comics or 'zine shows. The covers are glossy, full-color and close to gorgeous.