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Angry Youth Comics #10
posted February 8, 2006


What I Like About This Cartoon

1. The way my eyes went from the criminal to Fucked-Up Man's face to the caption then up Fucked-Up Man's body, ending on the duck.
2. The double-breasted coat on the victim.
3. The yuck-face frown on the criminal.
4. The classic criminal garb, including striped shirt.
5. The smiley faces on Fucked-Up Man's nipples.
6. Double peg-legs, which makes no sense at all.
7. He's wearing a belt, but not pants.
8. The duck is probably a part of the costume, but you can't be sure.
9. The arrow and the spike look real.
10. The motion lines on Fucked-Up Man's arms.

I laughed out loud at this, and I rarely laugh out loud at gag panels, particularly a series of them. There were about three or four more in AYC #10 that brought about the same reaction, more than ones that fell absolutely flat, which is a great ratio considering how many were good or amusing. I also like the weird details, like the kids who look at the man's mustache spelling "Eat Shit" being absolutely terrified. Why? I don't know. But it's funny.