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Milkbaby #7
posted February 22, 2006


Creators: Mike and Matt Heisler
Publishing Information: Mini-Comic, Self-Published, 20 pages, $2.50
Ordering Numbers:

It's always refreshing to see the young folks (or old folks) pursuing a straight-up humor comic book, and based on the few issues I've seen the Heisler Brothers' Milkbaby is one of the more accomplished titles out there. Matt shows a generally more expressive line, and his "Pickle-Loaf Pee-Jays" comes across as an unholy mix of Steve Weissman's cute-kid drawing and Colin Upton's agitated beast-men. The more typically deadpan and absurd "Mystery of the Green Bindle" will remind well-read alt-comix people of Greg Stump executing story ideas from Michael Kupperman's trashbin.

I'm namedropping like a madman because a) I'm kind of too busy to be creative 2) original thoughts make my head hurt, and 3) the Heislers still need to find their own rhythms. There's something to the gleefully evil edge in stories like Pismashio that could be developed into something of its own. I also like the fact that based on a couple of collages that the brothers seem to enjoy drawing, including a couple of features that are just cartoon art. This will serve them better later on, with the great dearth of artists that can peform visual humor in addition to verbal.

Oh... and Ted May. I thought of Ted May a lot, too.