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An Inside Job #3
posted March 16, 2006

Creator: Hob
Publishing Information: Graphesthesia (PO Box 40697 SF, CA 94140), Mini-Comic, 24 pages, $4
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imageHob's third issue of his dream comic An Inside Job is his best yet. Underneath yet another attractive, silk-screened cover, Hob gives the reader 15 stories of varying length and technique, comics dense enough and of perceived value to the point that one wishes the approach were replicated in an entire line of similarly formatted books. What connects them is Hob's art, which emphasizes figures and baroque page design, and the virtue the cartoonist has a dream storyteller of nailing down the ease with which reality shifts in dreams, frequently making incidental detail narrative's backbone. In fact, one of the strongest pages is the inside front cover, where Hob rattles off multiple types of dreams he had at certain ages, with single-panel explication. I've never been sure how I've felt about Dream Comics when you get down to it; they tend to turn into displays of cartooning rather than explorations of anything I particularly care about. But this one is clever and slight and amenable. Until Hob creates something more substantial, a narrative more compelling, these will do.