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eNursery Rhymes by Mother Mouse
posted March 17, 2006

Creators: Mark T. Hooker, Jane Hooker
Publishing Information: Czarodziej, Volshebnik & Mag, 92 pages, 2006
Ordering Numbers:

imageIf you review anything for long enough, you're bound to get material you don't really feel it's appropriate for you to dig into. When I was at The Comics Journal in the mid-1990s, we received a preview videocassette of the film City of Lost Children. Although I called the studio representative to send it back, they refused to take. The end result was that not only didn't I review the movie but about 45 of my friends watched the movie, about half of whom probably would have seen it in the theater. So I guess the moral is if you send out your material, you take your chances.

eNursery Rhymes by Mouther Mouse is a series of computer-related nursery rhymes, backed up by a reasonably thorough glossary of terms. I imagine there are plenty of people out there that might find this book amusing, and the cartooning that accompanies it lively. I didn't like the poetry, and found the cartooning to be pretty horrid -- unattractive design, ugly line work, and overly simplistic concepts. Now that I look over the promotional material, I see that it's being entered into competition for an Ignatz nomination. This at least explains why it was sent to me, if not why they expected me to like it. I wish the book luck; obviously the authors really believe in their project. I sure don't.