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Mome Spring/Summer 2006
posted March 20, 2006

Creators: David Heatley, Anders Nilsen, R. Kikuo Johnson, Sophie Crumb, John Pham, Martin Cendreda, Paul Hornschemeier, Jonathan Bennett, Gabrielle Bell, Jeffrey Brown, David B.
Publishing Information: Fantagraphics, 108 pages, $14.95
Ordering Numbers: 1560977264 (ISBN)

imageJust a brief note -- after a couple of shaky issues with too many missing cartoonists and work from other that seemed like last priority material, the latest issue of Eric Reynolds' and Gary Groth's Mome comes on much stronger than any preceding. Having David B. in your anthology helps, which is odd in that he's not as young as the other cartoonists and he's well-established in his career, and my first reaction would be that he would overpower the rest of the work. While it's by far the best story in the volume, "The Veiled Prophet" exudes a tone of fussy, controversial daring that reflects well on the other pieces in the book. Anders Nilsen's work has been with David Heatley's the most consistent in the anthology thus far; each contributes minor but worthy work this time. The mostly erratic Jeffrey Brown provides a slight piece that works sligthly different emotional terrain than one expects from the cartoonist, so one may be generally inclined to give the short the benefit of the doubt. Gabrielle Bell and Martin Cendred provide off-balance but sharplyr realized short stories of the kind that a book likes this really need -- they add weight and heft to the fancier flights taken by the others. For the first time, Mome seems like it could be an anthology for the long haul, with or without the high-profile guest star.