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Demi: Saga Of A Demoness
posted March 24, 2006

Creator: Steven S. Crompton
Publishing Information: Carnal Comics, 138 pages, $15.95
Ordering Numbers: 0977948218 (ISBN)

imageI take it from the introduction and my own dim memories of comics lurking around the Eros Comix offices 1994-1994 that Demi the Demoness is a fairly well-traveled pornographic comics character from the last decade of that great century. Reading the comics, though, it's difficult to see why the character has lasted. The art varies wildly, the sexual situations are dull, and the appeal of the chracter beyond its classic dragster look never rumbles into view. Like one might expect with a demoness character, various magical situations crop that allow for wild, imaginative pairings that must be seen through to their climax. Repeat, add silly dialogue, invite in a guest-star. But the situations are never that wild, never shocking or close to veering out of control. It's not hard to see why more frequently demented manga porn series demolished the stateside stuff sales-wise when it began to appear. Now with the Internet serving up porn like the Golden Corral serves up fried fish on Friday nights, I can't imagine naked, fornicating creatures just showing up really does it for too many people anymore. At this point, I'm afraid Demi's saga is more curiosity than erotica.