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O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce #1
posted March 27, 2006

Creators: Dawson, Atchison, Shasteen
Publishing Information: Image Comics, 40 pages, $2.99
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imageI don't wish anyone ill will, but I have to say it -- this is a horrendous, awful, miserable comic book, a piece of amateurish nonsense, despite the writing (much-hyped) and modeling the lead (not as hyped) contributions by the actor Rosario Dawson. If you locked in a room fifty middle school burnouts and made them all stop drawing pictures of liquor bottles long enough to write down a comic book plot, at least six of them would come up with this: young, eager cop with an independent streak is recruited by a previously unknown special unit devoted to protecting the citizens of New York from monsters and magic. I probably don't even need to tell you that her father was once part of this same force; at times, this comic is almost a perfect storm of cliches.

Admittedly, a lot of comics re-use old ideas. But this isn't even fun pulp -- the art is surface slick but stiff and overly photo-referenced, its pacing is so stately it moves less like a Sam Raimi film than an episode of Miss Marple, there's not a single memorable line of dialogue, things take place or are said seemingly because the plot requires it as opposed to it ever being a natural response from characters exposed to certain situations, nearly everything is told instead of shown, there's no character development, there are no characters, and even the support pages are dull rip-offs of that "slightly fantastic take on official manuals" set-up that's been done 10,000 times before. If this comic were the Sci-Fi channel it would star Casper Van Dien and Jeff Fahey, and you would feel bad for Jeff Fahey. Stay away, and if you end up with it by accident don't let it touch your other comic books.

image not from issue #1