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Comics Comics #1
posted April 3, 2006


Creators: Dan Nadel, Timothy Hodler
Publishing Information: PictureBox Inc., 16 pages, free, June 2006
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As if to prove once and for all he's smarter than the rest of us, Dan Nadel looks the era of the gigantic comics magazine and the every day on-line publication square in the eye and for his effort Comics Comics spits out a 16-page newsprint publication that's priced at the intimidating price of free for conventions and other PictureBox personal appearances. The hilarious thing is that this works. Nadel knows enough about newspring to be able to figure out an approach to color and layout that comes across as deep and lovely rather than shoddy and muddy. The writing is focused and considered; I liked best Timothy Hodler's look at The Dick Ayers Story, which balances a thorough description of plot with constant attention to why this project should be considered in the first place. Comics Comics seems to have three-pronged objective: drawing attention to current cartoonists the editors feel are unappreciated, looking at older works in a fresh and unique way that is grounded in a knowledge of art outside of Keith Pollard and Rich Buckler, and providing smart commentary on the creme of the crop of comics current flood of quality material. These are ambitious goals, but because the format is so modest and accessible, there's very little in the way of bloat or living up to a certain page count and more attention can be paid on providing clear opinions in clever fashion. I would buy this every month, and not just for free.