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A Guidebook To The Center For Cartoon Studies
posted April 10, 2006


Creator: Kevin Huizenga
Publishing Information: The Center For Cartoon Studies, 20 pages, brochure for school
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The full title of this brochure for the Center for Cartoon Studies may actually be A Brief Introduction: How To Start To Think About Learning To Draw Comics Plus a Guidebook To The Center For Cartoon Studies Located in White River Junction, Vermont, Est. 2005, which gives you some idea of what it's like to read it. What should be a simple brochure by the cartoonist Kevin Huizenga unpacking a few basic facts is instead a showcase for cartoon versatility based on the solid and unappreciated foundation that is the medium's ability to explain. One imagines Huizenga's attention to detail, an expenditure of effort that like the title seems to dwarf the object itself, would make this an effective brochure not just for the information it conveys effectively but in showing how effective and fun a skilled a cartoonist can make what could have been a standard sales brochure.

It's fun to read even if you don't want to go to cartoon school -- there are a ton of tiny gags sprinkled throughout the brochure, a warm and inviting centerfold, and the overall "this is quite absurd" tone it uses to describe the work of cartooning proves funny in the context of trying to attract students. What's missing is any long explanation of how a practical knowledge of cartooning can be used as the basis for other careers, which either speaks to what Huizenga chose to emphasize or perhaps the encouraging notion that the Center need no longer explain or sell itself that way. I want to be a cartoonist after reading this; so much of school and of learning the demands of this very specific art form come down to acts like bearing down in your studies and isolating yourself for several months with little in the way of a concrete reward. It would have been fun to mix the two.


Additional copies can be ordered from CCS for $2 a copy (which includes P/H).