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Watching Days Become Years #3
posted April 21, 2006


Creator: Jeff LeVine
Publishing Information: Sparkplug Comic Books, 44 pages, 2006, $5
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I'm very much enjoying Jeff LeVine's sketchbook-style comic book series Watching Days Become Years. The cartoonist perhaps best known for a confrontational cartooning voice seems to have turned reflective and ruminative in the years since No Hope. Watching Days Become Years favors drawings of incidental moments and street scenes, cats and piles from LeVine's media collection. They're nice drawings, sumptuous enough they allow you to return to the book after a first read. Much of the visual pleasure comes from realizing how infrquently one sees a lot of these moments and places put into art, which forces one into thinking about the same sort of reveries in their own lives.

LeVine's detail work proves nearly perfect; you find out just enough about his life and tastes to fill in the blanks yourself as to how he might feel about certain things as you encounter them -- there are vocational concerns, for example. This changes the way you look at the art. Some of the moments that are phrased in blunt terms that might cause a reader to blink seem greatly appropriate to the LeVine you get to know on the page. I look forward to reading future issues to see how LeVine's art and thinking develop.