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King-Cat Comix And Stories #76
posted July 26, 2016

imageCreator: John Porcellino
Publishing Information: Self-Published, Mini-Comic,
Ordering Numbers: Available Here

In his introduction to the latest issue of King-Cat, American Arts Hero John Porcellino cheerfully offers up his own appraisal of the comic in front of us: "It's a weird one!" I would say that's true if you've come to expect the full-on comics press of the last few issues, particularly last year's jaw-dropping issue #75. There are fewer comics here, and some are slightly ragged. One that involves the cartoonist mostly lying in bed is outright disheartening. Because Porcellino's lifetime project tracks his moods and thoughts on the futility and wonder of making comics.

I think older fans will like this issue regardless of it breaks from #75 because the comics will feel like checking on on Porcellino, and there are a ton of letters and even one of the artist's patented list celebrations of recent culture as he encounters it. I'd recently heard that Porcellino has given up on the extensive travel of recent years, and this issue seems to reflect that kind of emotional readjustment. I'll take all the Porcellino I can get, even when it's not enough in certain areas to satisfy my consumption desires. I look forward to seeing what happens and how this issue looks in retrospect if Porcellino settles more and more into the cold, flat landscape.