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The Crap Your Pants Anthology
posted July 7, 2006


Creators: Steve Steiner, David Robertson, One Neck, Jose Angeles, K. Thor Jensen, Kurt Beaulieu, Adam Casey, Matthew Craig, The Modern Monstrosity boys, Alastair Maceachern, Douglas Noble, 3D Graffiti, Jon Palmisano, Steven Tillotson, Shane Durgee, Rob Jackson, Josh Passmore, Kate Allen
and Dan Lester
Publishing Information: Monkeys Might Puke, Mini-Comic, 36 pages, $6.50 ppd
Ordering Numbers: Web Site

This is an anthology comics about people shitting their pants, which means I'm pretty sure we've officially run out of anthology ideas. I'm meeting the authors halfway by being slightly full while I write the review. Unfortunately for the publisher and participants, it's not an exemplary anthology by any stretch of the imagination. The majority of the comics run the gamut from very simplistic anecdotes -- which makes sense as I doubt they get trotted out a lot at parties and weddings to receive the refinement that one's best stories get in the telling and retelling -- and full-on crudeathons, frequently with the discharges of other orifices serving as special guest starts. K. Thor Jensen's effort, a straight-forward astronaut one is the most handsomely drawn and the best paced. I also liked two others: David Robertson's story about Crohn's Disease, with the ironic subtext that many Crohn's suffer no longer crap their pants because they must use a colostomy bag; and Kate Allen's detail soaked story about losing several pounds in one memorable dump that got an early start.

I have no idea who this is targeted to -- it's much too expensive for a USA reader to consider unless they're a poop fetishist, considering it's a 36-page basic fold-over mini, but as the person standing over my shoulder mentioned as he saw me type the first part of this sentence, I'm not sure I want to know, either.