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Space Pilot Girl: “In The Steal Of The Night”
posted October 2, 2006


Creators: Tim Fischer
Publishing Information: Comix Mill, mini-comic, eight pages, $1.
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Tim Fischer's little comic book science fiction story proves a step or two above the standard, abysmally crafted mini-comic, but doesn't have much to offer anyone other than those really, really devoted to B-Movie sci-fi. In a way, Space Pilot Girl reminds me of the first group of genre-soaked independent comics of the early 1980s. It drips Reagan-era sexual frustration. It's not filthy or profane, but there is a determined and definite titillation aspect to nearly every page. It's sort of like one of those early HBO TV shows like First and Ten but recut for syndication. Does that make any sense? What I mean to suggest is that it seems more like a re-cut soft porn book that it does serious attempt at work in the genre, just with adult content. "Relentlessly crude" would describe the overall effect as well as anything, I guess. The atmospherics derived from generic science fiction looks, the visual style employed is low on background illustration and high on inexplicably odd shadows being cast, and the plot is basically our amply endowed and skimpily dressed heroine pointing a gun at people and doing a bit of bawdy sex talk as she attempts to browbeat information out of them.