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One Eye
posted October 16, 2006


Creator: Charles Burns
Publishing Information: Drawn and Quarterly, Paperback, 144 pages, $14.95, March 2007
Ordering Numbers: 1897299044 (ISBN)

Next March's entry in the "affordable art book" series Petits Livres from Drawn and Quarterly, One Eye affords comics fan a unique look at aspects of Charles Burns' artistic skill. This is a book of photos, not drawn art, unaltered digital photos placed one on top of the other, to be exact, reminiscent of the Facetasm book he did once upon a time with Gary Panter. Burns displays a fine eye for a range of interesting subject matter and connections between the two pictures he places together. Some of them are illuminated partially by the title they're given, others escape me. By framing the subjects, Burns casts them into lines and space within a panel. The best pictures show two disparate objects that share a way of creating art within that panel, almost as if they reinforce each other. Others are more thematic in nature, the comparison of two objects according to a descriptive similarity despite their differences as graphic objects. For Charles Burns comics fans, this should spark some idea just how far his art goes in bringing power to his comics, past the gorgeous linework and into fundamental areas of composition.