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posted October 23, 2006


Creator: K. Thor Jensen
Publishing Information: Self-Published (, Magazine-Sized Mini-Comic, 32 pages, October 2006, $6
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KSOFM (or, as you can see above, "King Shit of Fuck Mountain") gives its readers a halfway decent fantasy short story by longtime alt-comix fixture K. Thor Jensen, I believe for this year's Small Press Expo. The basic outline of the plot should be familiar to anyone older than four. A hero encounters a series of monsters before facing off with a monster so large and stupendously powerful it picks him up like a sack of potatoes and carries him home. Once they get home, we get the comic's main twist: the monster concedes defeat without any outward sign he has to do so, and lies down to die. Jensen ends the comic with the effects of a couple of seasons on the monster as nature reclaims its body.

KOSFM feels like one of those comics where what you see is what you get, it's simply a narrative that the cartoonist wanted to put down on paper. But the way Jensen portrays its scene-by-scene outcomes it could also be read as clever commentary on the inevitability of stories like these to serve certain masters just like certain processes are served within such stories. It could also be seen as a tweaking of the fantasy genre in that the hero is sort of a wordless dolt, and the big monster is the funniest and most admirable character. Most should appreciated it as a straight-forward narrative that passes the time in a pleasant fashion without knocking anything out of the ballpark -- it moves along at a pleasant clip, Jensen provides some fun designs and there's just enough to chew on that you wonder what it is you just saw. And honestly, if you wondered for very long, I'd be sort of worried about you.